The very first episode for Mob on the Run where we learn the earliest details of Mickey and his crew.
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• This, the beginning episode, marked the first time many of the cast and crew were in one place together. Not realizing how much work was in store, it took nearly $1k, an overnight stay in a motel, two additional crew people, and a lot of pre-planning and direction to make it happen.

• The prison phone room and jail cells were actually furnished (thankfully) by Carbondale City Hall. With a joint effort from both Mayor Taylor and City Clerk Michele Bannon, we were able to secure the location in a short period of time. Initially, a prison/jail had been chosen in Franklin County, about 3.5 hours from Carbondale, but the drive and toll on the actors would have been too much, so Carbondale was used.

• The jail scene, when Mickey is going into his jail cell, was part of the old jail cells used at Carbondale City Hall. They are now primarily used for storage, which the crew had to clear out in order to film.

• Although Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary is a real place, they do not allow filming or photos to be taken without the consent of the Warden. The images used were found online.

• The opening shot of a restaurant window is completely, 100% fabricated using Photoshop and several images gathered from the internet. The actual restaurant scene was shot in the Mansion House, in Kresgeville, PA. Many thanks to our own Vito, Anthony Romano Jr. for allowing us to film there.

• The intro credits went through 6 incarnations of different types of openings for the show. Once the music was completed, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Mike Belveduto Jr., the other versions just didn’t seem to fit. The FBI folders seemed like the right thing to do, since they could be varied for each episode.

• The lyrics to the title song were actually written for the movie, not the web series. There are references to people in the song that have yet to appear in the show.

• When we first meet Viv, she is painting her nails in an “as yet” finished office. This was actually another office besides the office that On The Run currently resides in. The remodeling is real, but proved to be a bit small for the office that we would eventually call “the office”.

• The prison security guard’s badges are on the wrong side, according to prison dress code regulations. They should have been swapped with the name badge.

• The role of Crowbar was initially going to be Irish, in order to better coincide with the friendship with Patrick “Paddy” McGonegal. But after meeting Mark Capone and seeing his stature, the role was swapped to Italian.

• The scene in the frigid, freezing basement between The Jaw (Carlo Bellario) and the Russians, was difficult to assemble at first. Quite a bit needed to be put together in order for it to work out like it did. Much of the issue stemmed from the fact that it was unfinished and lacking electrical outlets.

• Not knowing much of the cast and crew before this first episode, proper credit goes to Carlo Bellario for that scene in the basement. That punch you see him take was real. The story behind it was that Johnny Gee, the large, aggressive man throwing the punch, had been training for weeks on how to throw a punch… Right-handed. Never practicing with his left, and then having us call him to throw it with his left hand, Johnny didn’t quite pull through the punch, and it landed on Carlo’s cheek/jaw. Since it was theatrical, it wasn’t a square punch, but it sure did scare the hell out of the crew and partial cast that was present! The original sound was also incorporated into the episode, along with a small, additional amount of noise (foley).

• BelCraTan Productions, the image at the end of the episode, was a culmination of the first three letters of the Executive Producers on the show. When two other people were added on, the production company changed to Two in the Head Productions, which it currently remains.