The Initial Concept:
Mob on the Run began as an idea for a feature-length movie and was written by Michael Belveduto. Coming off of several months of filming his movie, Mail Order Junkie, and finding limited success with film festivals and distributors, Mike decided to approach Jeff Crawford, the director from Mail Order Junkie, with the premise. Mike then suggested making the movie into an actual web series, instead of trying to create a whole movie over the script.

The New Design:
Mob on the Run tells the unique story of Mickey Costavento and his rag-tag group of sometimes imbecilic cronies that run a bookie joint in the city. Mickey, coming off of a nickel stretch in a Federal Pen, is looking forward to getting back into business. Little does he know that his group has squandered the money he made and stored, and are now looking for a way to regenerate the cash they lost for him. Their idea of a new kind of front business is not really in line with what Mickey wants, but they have yet to divulge that information to him. Mickey kept a very low profile in the joint to prevent the Feds from catching on to his other, numerous activities.

The series begins with Mickey’s final stint in prison and his eventual release, and the unnerving way his group has to prepare for his arrival.

The Production:
Mob on the Run has several writers, directors, and production crews in order to make the show happen. With a joint combination of contributors through IndieGoGo, the best fundraising site on the planet, and from the pockets of the writers and directors, the web series gets put together as best that it can go. Help from outside sources is always appreciated to keep the series free-of-charge to the world-at-large.

Filmed in several locations throughout Pennsylvania and New York City, Mob on the Run as a production can be seen by just about anyone, as long as they can either be productive, contributing, or quiet.

If you would like to help the production, you can make a contribution on this site, or just keep your eyes peeled for the IndieGoGo fundraisers when they are happening.