Advertise with Mob on the Run

Advertising on Mob on the Run is quick, easy, and simple. You SELECT a plan, subscribe to that plan, contact us when you’re subscribed, and we’ll create your advertisement for you! We can do text links, graphical banner-type links, and video commercials.


Here are the  several options available to you:

1. $10/month for a listing on the Sponsors page of the site. This is a great place that gets some attention and your text ad could be visible to thousands of visitors.

2. $20/month for a graphical banner on the Sponsors page of the site. Again, another great place to show your advertising to our visitors and show them that you support the show!

3. $30/month for a graphical banner ad on the Footer of every page on the site! When you scroll down, you might see your ad on there, and so will visitors. A great way to show your support for a great web series!

4. $50/month for a graphical banner ad on the Home Page, above the current episode! The Home Page is the #1 visited page on our site, and your company or business can be listed there at an incredible price. Have your business seen by thousands of visitors and get noticed!

5. $100/month for a graphical banner ad on both the Home Page AND the Footer, so your company will be seen on EVERY PAGE! Perfect for that business that needs the income boost by supporting a show that has a wild fan base of spending patrons who have a potential interest in your product or service!

6. $300/month for a video advertisement that runs with the show. We’ll even help you to make the commercial and get your brand out there to the world! It’s a great way to expand your customer base and help out a great show!