All about the production that takes place in Carbondale, PA.

Initially, the production was slated to take place throughout a lot of Pennsylvania, including the Mansion House in Kresgeville, PA. But, as the city of Carbondale became more and more involved, especially through the help of the really great citizens, fans, and actors of the show, we decided to base much of the production around there. Mayor Justin Taylor and Michele Bannon, Carbondale City Clerk, helped with bringing us to the city in order to film, but it was the open arms of the city folk that made us want to be there even more. So, as a production, we found a place for rent in the city limits, started setting up, and now have “On The Run”, the office for the travel agency, in Carbondale. And we base much of our filming in and around Carbondale, as noted in the episodes.


The Crew:

Michael BelvedutoWriter/Director/Executive Producer
Since Mike wrote the initial movie for Mob on the Run, it has been his passion to have the movie become a web series. Born and raised in New York City and the New Jersey side of NYC, Mike has been aware of the scene and has had a great love of all things mafia, old-school movies, and classic comedies. This transcends to his work on Mob on the Run.

W. Jeff CrawfordProducer/Director/Editor
Jeff is a filmmaker and has worked on numerous productions including a few productions with Mike and Barry. His technical knowledge of filming and producing have helped to progress the show forward since the beginning.

Barry TangertDirector/Executive Producer
Barry initially came on board to work with Mike and Jeff in a continued role as an actor, much like Mike’s movie Mail Order Junkie. But Barry has become so much more to the production, helping to secure financial and locations for the production. He has also worked in the director’s role by directing several episodes of the show.

Andrew RodesDirector/Producer
Andrew helped to make the show flow easier when he came on board before the first episode was shot, but helping Jeff to film the show beginning even before the first episode. Andrew’s special knowledge of the camera and methods of filming helped to bring the show to a new level.

Giulio MarchiProduction Manager/Script Supervisor
Having worked with Jeff and Andrew before, Giulio (pronounced like Julio) came on board early on in the first season as the “go to guy”. He has since progressed to more than that, having worked with the production in almost every form, including filming and audio work.

Al Gomez – Set Construction/Craft Services
Al has been a great addition to the cast, and especially to the crew. Helping to design and build the office up to where it’s at with Barry, Al helps to maintain the set design and also the cleanliness. He’s also a really great cook and has helped to feed the cast and crew with some amazing barbecued food.

Amber Escott – Location Manager
From the beginning, Amber has been great at being an actress on the show. Her big turn comes up in the next season, but her help behind the scenes has been incomparable. She not only helps with finding the right locations, but has been instrumental in making sure we have a place to shoot and working with the business owners to help with understanding the show. She is quite an asset to our team.

Craig William Dayton – Orchestrator/Composer
Since the very beginning, Craig has worked very hard to make Mob on the Run sound brilliant! His perfectly-timed scores and emotionally-charged themes have caused the show to elevate from simple web series, to more of a television hit. Craig has always been there for us, and we’re expecting him to come along with us on the way up! One of the best composers you will ever meet! Make sure to visit his website: