You have an opportunity to do something that not many people can. Help.

Our show runs on a very small budget. So small that you might ask yourself how it’s even possible that it’s on the "air". It’s because of our wonderfully talented cast and crew that we can even make this a possibility. With their great minds, and many tankfuls of gas, they have persevered through many obstacles to see this show happen. And they will continue to trudge on through all sorts of hell in order to keep making this a reality. But not everything comes as easily as the wonderful people we have on the show.

Things like locations (like the On The Run office!) and props in the show require additional funding. And that is why we need your help. Just a donation of $1 will help to keep this show alive. One dollar. You probably have that in your cushions or in the center console of your car as you’re reading this. But that $1 means so much to this production. So consider helping, please. Use the convenient DONATE window right below here to send some cash through PayPal. It’s easy to do, you can use a credit card, and you’ll never have to leave home in order to help make the show go on.

Thank you,

The MotR Cast & Crew
Total raised: $0.06 USD. Thanks for helping the show, from all of us!

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