Those people involved with the show, who have appeared on the show, or who have helped with the show.


Michael Belveduto as Mickey Costavento

Barry Tangert as Dominic “Dom The Bomb” Delegino

Carrie Leigh Snodgrass as Vivienne Longetti

Joseph D’Onofrio as Sonny Falco

David Giordano as Lorenzo “The Lip” Locatelli

Albert Gomez as Nico “Steady Nick” Luchessi

Mark “Madcat” Capone as James “Crowbar” D’Angelo

Paul Dudrich as Patrick “Paddy” McGonegal

Mike Adler as Frankie Santori

Anthony Romano Jr. as Vito “Big Man” Toscano

Michael Shands as FBI Agent Gerry Jackson

Matt Duffin as FBI Agent Michael Sandusky

Antonia Menta as Geanna Russo

Analise Traficante as Angelica “Angel” Mistro

Rick Romano as Vincent “Iceman” Moretti

Joe Gawalis as Nino “Babyface” Scalini

Rob Misko as Anthony “Two Ton Tony” Martin

Carlo Bellario as Carmine “The Jaw” DeRossi

Eddy Privitzer as Franco “Double D” DeLuca

Steven Bongiovanni as Bobby “Loops” Victorio

Christopher Weite as Slim “The Squealer” McMillan

Daniel Eash as Gene Boner

Michael Skopinski as Anatoly Romanov

Damian Dziura Sr. as Sasha Romanov

Sandy Gabrielson as Pat (from Pat’s Pizza)

Karl Barbee as Johnny “Knock Your Rocks Off” Kyro

Chris Sloan as FBI Agent Jack Grady

Andrew Rodes as Kitty Pity