Mickey brings in a new girl, starts getting some back office business, and discovers something "interesting" in his office that he just has to get rid of before too long.
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• This episode represents the convergence of the new filming style and a new production technique that makes the filming of web series move a bit faster.

• A HUGE thanks goes out to the three, classy ladies who helped us in the restaurant scene: Jeanette Russo, Debbie Buck, and Suzi St. Pierre. They certainly helped to bring class to the show for this episode.

• This episode also brings in another recurring role to the On The Run office, of which will push the envelope of beauty to the max! Analise Traficante will be our new “angel”, playing the role of Angelica, or Angie, as we come to call her.

• One of the toughest things to beat when filming anything is Mother Nature. She has the ability to bring out the sun and take it away again in the middle of filming outside scenes. It makes it very difficult to make scenes cohesive sometimes, especially when one is much brighter than another.

• The restaurant scene was filmed at the Corner Bistro in Carbondale. Many thanks to Rob Misko for his major assistance in getting us in there and helping us to make all of this possible!

• The music playing in the background of the restaurant scene was not created by our favorite composer, Craig Dayton. The tempo of the midi versions of Frank Sinatra songs has been raised to a different key and popped in to fill the gap in order to avoid a situation where we might have to have Craig create whole songs. Can you determine what songs they used to be?!

• The guy dancing in the background of the restaurant is our one and only Steady Nick (played by Al Gomez), but dressed up as a party DJ.

• The selection of Chris Sloan, a truly wonderful actor, for the role of FBI Agent Jack Grady was (again) a quick remedy with the help of Rob Misko. During his first day on the job working with our crew, Chris was “put through the wringer” in his role, if you couldn’t tell. He went through it like a champion, and many thanks go out to him for taking on this recurring role!

• During this episode, the role of Vito, played by Anthony Romano Jr., gets expanded some. His character finally gets a chance to “lash out” on someone opposed to Mickey, which is a blessing for this gang. But another bit of interesting information about this actor is that his son, Rick Romano, is also a part of the crew, portraying the role of Vincent “The Iceman” Moretti. Yes, it’s a father-son combo of complete bad-assery!

• Producer W Jeff Crawford had to assist with this episode from afar, because of a prior commitment. The majority of the credit for the filmography and audio goes to Andrew Rodes and Giulio Marchi, who together, did a fabulous job.