It's Sonny In Pennsylvania

Mickey gets a visit from his cousin Sonny who just happened to get out of prison in upstate New York. Sonny thinks Mickey owes him something, but as he'll soon find out, Pennsylvania isn't all it's cracked up to be.
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• This episode brings in the actors Joe D’Onofrio (Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, Analyze That, IMDb) and Mike Adler fresh from New York to appear in the roles of Sonny Falco and Frankie Santori. This was the first time that the show has had SAG/AFTRA actors portraying roles and it was an invigorating experience.

• Filming for most of this episode took place in a one weekend span encompassing two days.

• Scenes of Sonny in “New York” were actually filmed in Scranton, PA, which was the first time the crew had met with Joe D’Onofrio or Mike Adler. The scene where Sonny meets up with Frankie was filmed on the sidewalk at an actual social club in Scranton, The Nativity Club.

• Actual guns were used in the making of this episode, just not actual gun shots.

• Stephen Bongiovanni was an excellent addition to the show in the role of Loops, a go-between for the Mob and the Russians. While his stature is that of a hulking fellow, Stephen was great to work with and a really great sport. He had to perform a stunt several times which involved him dropping to the floor after being shot in the stomach.

• Although scripted, this episode represents the ability in most of our actors to perform improv, as many of the lines of the script were not followed to the letter. The message came across better in this manner, so the director kept it going.

• During their trip, Frankie mentions about the place being “not bad up here, but they got a lot of f**kin’ trees.” Initially we were going to pull that sentiment, but coming across as it did, we felt it should stay. In comparison to New York City, there are about 6,667 times more trees per square acre in most of Pennsylvania.

• There have been some horrid attempts at pizza making in Pennsylvania, as many a New Yorker can attest. The scene with the “squares” was based on some of those experiences.

• The scene where Geanna flips out at her desk in the office was completely and suddenly added to the show. It’s supposed to expose Geanna’s frustration and there was other dialog scheduled for that spot, but it was changed/added at the last moment.

• A new website page was added to the credits because of the show’s addition to BlipTV and Roku.