Sonny... With A Chance of Dead

As Sonny gets more comfortable in Carbondale, Mickey is starting to feel the pinch. And he ain't happy.
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Joe D’Onofrio and Mike Adler return as Sonny and Frankie to cause havoc in Carbondale.

• The scene between Viv and Geanna at the beginning of the show, was filmed at different times, with neither actresses in the same room with one another. Both of them played off of Mickey (Michael Belveduto) during the filming.

• The Peanut Bar, an excellent place for food and spirits in Carbondale, was a last minute selection. The production management felt that they had to have a new place to film, and Location Manager, Amber Escott, made it happen.

• Shay Ash, a local model and actress was brought in to sit during the scene in the pool table area of The Peanut Bar.

• The Peanut Bar provided free hot dogs to the cast and crew, since they’d just had a sports party and had an abundance. This was a welcome site for some of the crew, who had been filming all day without taking a real break to eat.

• Art Strands, another great and welcoming business in Carbondale, opened their arms to the production in order to film the Jewelry Store scene between Viv and Ritchie Marzetti. Wonderful and unique jewelry, although the watch that gets selected is a personal watch owned by Michael Belveduto (Mickey).

• Most of the cast and crew who were not in the shot during the Jewelry Store scene were sitting and drinking cappuccinos at persoNELLized Cakes, just three stores down from the jewelry store. LOOK AT THE CUPCAKES ON THAT!

• The impromptu filming of Ritchie’s End was done a bit outside of Carbondale, PA, on a backroad. The old restaurant had been closed for some time, and the lead in to Dom trying to dig a hole for Ritchie allowed the discovery of a overgrown parking lot that had asphalt at its base. This meant that we would need to scrap plans to have the body disassembled in editing, since the footage was supposed to have the guys burying him.

• You can never have enough coffee or Monster™ on the set, as cast and crew began wearing down from a long day of filming.